Why Tumblr is Content Ready for Brands

An interesting article came out titled “‘Tumblr’ Now more Popular Google Search Than ‘Blog'”
and I began to think about how this measures up to all the trends in online marketing these days.  (Great title by the way, Mashable. Clever.)

photos. cute cats. socially timed content.

Even on branded pages! So. Now: Tumblr is more popularly searched than the word blog. Why? Because people are starting to see the advantage of having a Tumblr (both people and brands) and how easy it is to maintain. You don’t have to be a writer, professional blogger, mommy of three, etc. Tumblr offers photos, quotes, images, gifs, and even gives you that option of writting long blog posts, if you must.

Interesting points:
-the word “blog” has been on a decline since May 2009, which is around the same time Twitter became the third highest ranked social network according to visits.

Since people seeing that it was easier to tweet, post on facebook etc. the halfway “I really want to be a blogger when I grow up” bloggers dropped off. Now that we see content is the most important thing to be relatable on social for brands these days, why not join Tumblr?

Content + Social timing > long lasting campaigns/creative. That is why Tumble is the perfect medium.

I think we will see a shift of the age group of users on Tumblr then when I first bagan research earlier this year on Tumblr, finding out that the average age group  on the platform for 14-20. Brands will use it as a resource to easily and quickly post contest that the billion+ users are sharing the same images.

By the way, my Tumblr: http://www.jessicajeanthings.tumblr.com